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The specific location of the vineyards on the hills of Lake Iseo, at an altitude of 380 m, the microclimate created by the proximity of the lake, the cool breezes at night and the ground by the particular composition.

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Extra Brut - Riserva 2009

"Curtel" (torrente Cortelo)

Limited edition: only 2.500 bottles

Kind of blend and maturation:
Sparkling bubbles made by grapes of high hills (380 t above level sea) 70% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Bianco and 15% Pinot Nero. Mash up of 5 selections of the same year with 15% of riserve wine (different year) in barrique of french durmast (not new). Second ferment in bottle for more. Remuage done absolutely by hand. Soft pression of just 4 atm. Natural acidity of 8 g/lt (according to tartaric acidity).

Organoleptic features:
Color brilliant straw yellow with golden reflexes,soft and delicate perlage, wooden and vanilla flavour. Fragrance of intense and equilibrate bouquet with parfume of bread, white and yellow flowers. Genty fruity and armonic, intense persistance and freshness due to important natural acid part of 8 g/lt. Under the notes of yeast there is a kindly citrus taste of grapefruit and apple cider tipical of this Franciacorta wine. Smooth kindly finish and incredible lingering of almond that invites to drink.



You can serve it for all dishes above all with intense and strong taste. Thanks to the excellent strutcture and minerality you can serve it perfectly with fish (also fat fish) and shellfish.

  • Aperitifs
  • First course
  • Fish - shellfish


Natural dosage (sugar residue): 5 g/lt

Temperature of tastings:

6/7 °C